Thursday’s Child

By the time I posted yesterday, things had already gotten increasingly better than they had been earlier in the week and they got better still after receiving kind words from friends.

I had just returned from spending the weekend with my mother. It was good to get away, even though normally spending more than twenty–four hours with her can be a challenge. But what I love about her is that even with her tendency to become overbearing, she knows when not to push, to just let me be meanwhile making sure to let me know in her own way that whatever the problem is, it will be okay.

I also came across a charm I used to wear around my neck when I was little. My son dumped it out of one of her jars while he was plundering about. When I brought it to her, she looked at it as though even she had never seen if before and asked where I had found it. She told me she bought it for me when I was three. Maybe she thought she lost it. It’s almost completely untarnished and it reads: Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go. I brought it home with me, in case I need a little reminder now and then.

Today was a little better. Small steps. Small things that made me smile and made all the difference. I’m ready to go to bed now so it can hurry and be tomorrow…


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