Funny Story

You know those times when you’re standing in the grocery store and suddenly the first line of a story suddenly pops into your head? You have no pen; you have no paper so the whole time you walk around repeating the line in your head hoping it doesn’t float out of your brain before you get home? No? That only happens to me? Ok.

Well, I think it’s safe to say I’m over myself now and one of the two stories I’ve been working on has stepped out front, demanding my attention. It’s the MILF erotica story and it’s been showing itself to me in spurts and I think I now have a vision of it in its final form. It’s gone from sentimental to cynical to finally, and surprisingly, funny. I keep wondering to myself, am I even capable of funny in my writing? Melancholy? Yes. Reflective? Sure. Sarcastic? Of course. But funny? Hardly.

Especially since the piece is erotic and it’s hard for me to see sex as funny, but I realize it can be without even trying. Like one time I was with this guy and I accidentally… well, never mind. Anyway, I’m sure the act itself won’t be funny, just the main character and her behavior. So, if the story wants to be humorous, far be it from me to try and force it another way.

I’ve actually been fleshing out the sex scene first which I normally save for last because it’s always the most difficult part of the story for me to write. Now, how someone who writes predominantly in the erotica genre can have hang-ups about writing sex scenes is beyond me. I have fun with the writing, yes, but a lot of times the sex scenes feel awkward and I feel like I rush through them, but somehow in the end, they work. I guess I’m always so worked about the scene coming off contrived or cliché that I just put the blinders on and hope for the best.

Anyway, we have a title for the story – What The Kids Are Doing (though I’m not completely sold on it yet) – a first line, the start of a sex scene and an ending. I think I’m ready to go from here.


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