Blow Out

Things to do before getting stranded on a highway in 90+ degree heat:

-dress appropriately (leave the layers at home and show a little leg so someone will stop and help you)
-have a decent jack in the trunk of the car


So, that’s about how my day been’s going, only a little exagarrated. I had to go into the office today for a last minute meeting and about half way there I felt the car starting to shake like crazy. I knew that at least one tire needed to be replaced but had been putting it off since I’m working at home now and don’t really go anywhere. So, I slowed my speed to cut out the shaking. It didn’t work. Finally I’m crawling on the interstate and 35 miles per hour with cars carrying irritated drivers whizzing past me and I’m just hoping to make it to the job site so someone will help me because, ha ha, I never learned to change my own flat. Dammit!

So, I’m standing out in the heat with the nice gentleman who offered to help me and one of the lug/screw things broke completely off! He said that didn’t matter much and he put the donut on and guess what… it’s almost flat! And I don’t know what kind of tire fix it bags they put in cars these days, or in my case, in the mid 90-s, but the poor man was struggling to get the car jacked up. I felt like crap.

But it got fixed and I got to jump in my sauna of a car with no air conditioning and drive home dripping with sweat, but luckily I layered my top so I took off my shirt and rode in a tank top with the windows down and gave the horny truckers a real show.

Geez. It’s the middle of the day and I need a drink. A gigantic drink.


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