Many Thanks Oh Faithful Reader

I realize I haven’t blogged with any consistency since October last year and I’ve come to the conclusion that my blogging habits had become much like my food journaling habits – if I wasn’t doing so well, I didn’t write it down. It was my way of ignoring it, pretending it didn’t happen… like if I went two months without writing. See that, to me, is the same as eating a pound of cheese and choosing not to journal it. Now while there is nothing I can do to justify or rectify that, there is one thing I can do.

I can be thankful. I can be happy that the desire to document my writing life still exists and herein this very blog exists one very faithful and very appreciated reader.

Through my many months of silence I continued to receive weekly site traffic reports and it was duly noted that each week, even when nothing was posted or updated, I had at least one hit. Now whether that traffic be from one faithful reader or many who may have popped in, noticed my absence and given up, I’m glad that the blog generates at least a little interest and I feel I owe that reader more than just a simple “I was busy/down and out/I didn’t progress much on the writing front” line because, thinking about it, some good things did happen to me while I was away:

-I lost 25 lbs
-I began working from home
-I went skiing for the first time and did not break my leg
-I gave up the second job (at least for a while)

So, I wasn’t a total lost cause… but thanks for hanging in there!


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