No Happy Endings

I’m banging my head against the proverbial wall because I’m caught in an unusual situation. The deadline for an anthology I want to submit it is Sept 14, and I sit here with the time to write, the opportunity to write, and nothing at all to write about. Rarely are ideas the problem. It’s always time and circumstance. I’m usually on idea overload, but for this particular theme – love, erotica, relationships – meeting that one person you just know you were meant to be with, yada, yada, I got nothing.

Am I that cynical? Don’t I believe in happily ever after?

I hate to say that I don’t believe in happy endings, but my writings almost never reflect happy, problem free relationships, or even conflicts where love eventually conquers all. The themes that usually are prominent in my writing is twisted, obsessive “love,” unorthodox relationships (polyamorous, affairs) or unattainable love… infatuation maybe, but never boy meets girl boy falls in love with girl boy marries girl and so on so forth.

I’m trying to get inspired… listening to sappy love songs, going to see if I can pull out some old stories of mine where they could have at least headed in that direction. Otherwise, I may have to pass on this one as well. I’m hoping this may at least be one of those times where I’ll get some magnificent idea at the very last minute but I still get a chance to write and submit it.

Ah, hell, who knows. We’ll see.


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