Baby Steps

I’ve gone and let myself get exhausted again. I left work early because I was sick and, well, tired. I slept for three hours on the couch, woke up in time enough to go to my part time job and felt like I could have slept even more.

I always feel so spent after finishing something, even somethng so tiny as Home (2,000 words). I just feel like I need to close my eyes for a minute, put the pen down, turn the PC off and just chill. I’m starting to think I need to retreat, to just step back from all of it for a while and come back a little later with a second wind, more energy, and many fresh, new ideas. I’m feeling like I’m pumping out stories in mass production lately and it may be effecting the quality of the writing.

However, I still want to work on the Homewrecker story. I may sacrifice entereing the spanking story contest in order to pull it off and not go insane. We’ll see how I handle concentrating on just one project for a bit.

I received word that I’ll be receiving a publishing agreement for my story in Glamour Girls soon. So, that’s a positive.


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