A Long Way Baby

It was a difficult morning after a decent’s night sleep (which resulted in all of us oversleeping) so not much to say on the writing front. However, I was thinking a little on my online presence and how it’s not really there since I’ve been focusing more on being in print. I’ve only submitted to two Ezines and had a total of five pieces published but that’s been around two years ago. It may behoove me to do more submitting in that area and also send my updated bio but for right now here’s a link to one of my oldies – actually, probably my first serious attempt at writing erotica:


The following link contains adult content of a sexual nature. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by sexually explicit material, get outta here!

And likewise:

I wrote this. This is mine. Don’t steal it. However, if you’d like to reprint it, just ask. I’m very easy to work with.


The bio there is way old, when I was scraping for something to say about myself. But, this story spawned a novel of the same name and yes, it is the novel that to this day, sits. This story has never been in traditional print and I’m not sure I’ll ever try without some major reworking becuase my style has changed significantly and I’ve learned so much more about the genre since then but it’s still very much “my” story and like so many others, a product of what I was going through at the time.

It just dawned on me that I’ve never shared my work here other than providing links to anthologies that I’m featured in. I should do more of this.


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