I received word this morning that Instructions for Sexing Susan made it through the prescreening process for the contest and is now being passed on to the judges. Apparently they remove your name and what not before passing it on so it’s blind judging. I like the idea of that because for one, it’s fair, and two, just because you have all these writing credits under your belt doesn’t mean your story is good enough to win – myself not excluded.

It’s funny, but that seemed to give me the nudge I needed to move on to the next project. I had been lagging the past few days, watching reality TV, reading, eating crap food and not working on much of anything except even more ideas when I have a few more August 1 deadlines looming overhead. There is one particular project that I’m feeling pulled toward at the moment, an anthology for Lesbian Cowgirl Erotica and the deadline isn’t for a while yet, but it’s the one I feel the need to write at the moment. What I have in my head right now is a dom/sub relationship, nothing demeaning, but just obvious butch/femme stuff but it relates directly to the story, it’s not just for show. I also see the sexual elements being quite rough, borderline S/M even, but that’s also directly relating to the conflict within the story. I’m definitely venturing into foreign territory here, but I’m excited about it and ready to jump right in.

Yesterday I jotted down some stuff for Skin, like the names of stories that I wanted to include in the collection, then I realize that the stories could be more closely linked that I had originally thought. This whole time I had been trying to find a connection between them all, something that would make the collection hang together harmoniously and I hadn’t been able to come up with anything much. Yes, the stories all had this southern appeal, and yes, quite a bit of them either centered around or had something to do with religion and there is this naught preacher and his wife who just won’t get out of my head. So, I started thinking, what if all these stories took place in this small, southern town, a town where there was this one big, dominant church and one prestigious, religious family and meanwhile there’s all this sexual dysfunction going on? It’s some deep stuff to step into, I know, and I don’t even know if it would be marketable, but I’m really interested to see where it might lead.

Both children are still sick and have been invading our bed all week. Most mornings a couple of us wake up on the sofa while the other two are in bed. They had shots yesterday, so that only adds to their misery, poor tykes. They haven’t been to daycare much this week, but thank God for mother in law. She’s been keeping them for us.

So, this evening I plan to dig up the notes for the lesbian cowgirl story I had been working on a few weeks ago and see if I can pull a story out of it. It would be nice to finish it up this weekend and send it out. Is completing one story/project a week too ambitious?


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