Must be the music

I’m listening to a mixed CD I made myself of some old stuff and it’s really got me in a great mood. Even the really sad stuff like Aretha Franklin’s I’ve Never Loved Another Man and Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of The Heart haven’t yet made me cry. And I’m also working steady on Instructions… after having great difficulty with it last night. It was just really hard to sit there and get the words down. They just weren’t flowing the way I needed them to. It got so bad that I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t make the contest deadline and would have to send it elsewhere upon completion, like Best Women’s Erotica or something. It would actually be good for that, so that is still an option if I don’t place in the contest. I need to recheck my deadlines but I think there’s a whole other story I need to start for a contest also with a Thursday deadline. Anyway, I don’t know what put the fire under my tail and forced the words out of me today but I’ve been going and going and I’m rather liking the story. I love when that happens.

I got a rejection from Playgirl yesterday. It was a form letter with those checkable phrases and the one they checked for me was something like “we like your writing style but have no place for you story, recheck guidelines and resubmit.” And I have no problem with that. But I didn’t have anything else lined up to send them and also didn’t have another place for that story to go so it will just have to sit for a while, but I’m simmering on other things to submit to Playgirl later. It was a good turn around on the submission, though, and at least it was something in my mailbox as opposed to stalking it and my email constantly only to receive nothing.


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