The Tortured Artist

It just occurred to me over the weekend how insane we artists must seem to regular folks. Even though I’ve been writing/creating for years, whenever I read about other artists’ experiences, like how their characters would come spend time with them and how they couldn’t rest until they cleared their heads of demanding ideas, I thought it was just them embellishing, you know, being all artsy. Well, I got little more than some notes jotted down in long hand over the weekend, but out of nowhere came another idea for a story.

I was flipping channels yesterday and stopped on one of the sports channels. There was a bull riding contest on (I’m sure that’s not what it’s called). I stopped to take a peek at it because I had been wanting to submit to this anthology and the theme has to do with cow – well – girls. And I’m no Texan. Or cowgirl. So, I thought I’d try and see if I could make something happen, and boy did I! I got this story in my brain that kept evolving and getting better, but at the same time I was sleepy, had a headache and just wanted a nap and try as I might, I couldn’t get to sleep. In my heart of hearts, I knew that the story wanted to be written, wanted to be freed from the clutches of my skull, but somehow I didn’t give in. I didn’t get to sleep either, though. And even though I was risking losing it all by not taking down the notes, I just pushed the story aside for later. I’m going to work on it this morning though. It’s really a snazzy idea if I must say so myself. I wonder if I can pull if off.

I did more character work on the fiction book I’m going to propose. I’m trying to keep things nice and steady and try to avoid going all overboard wit the characters and the story and turn it into something completely different and drive myself crazy.

The babies are finally in permanent daycare! Hallelujah! Hubby will be the one taking them and picking them up because of my hours at work. I got them ready and out the door and still had a few minutes to walk around in my gown watching the news and stuff. It was nice. Here’s


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