It feels so good to be able to post that I actually followed through on my writing plans for the weekened. I completed a story Friday night before going to bed, a short one, around 950 words. I have the pages numbered and my info on the first page and a cover letter and everything. It’s going to Playgirl as soon as I email it to hubby at work so he can print it out for me. Not only is our printer at home not hooked up yet, it’s out of black ink. Who runs out of black ink? I know I haven’t been doing that much writing. I also got some work done in long hand on a perspective story for another anthology. It’s actually a new version of a story I drafted a while ago that I didn’t really have a place for and everytime I saw a call that I thought it would fit, I could never muster up the motivation to finish and submit the damn thing. I love the new direction it’s taken. It was originally a detective/sex/murder story about a cop and a “praying mantis.” It was pretty dark and not something I would normally write and that’s what I loved about it. However, I took the murder element out of it and replaced it with another crime and now the story is a combination of S/M, fetish, and detective. I love it, especially the title, “Pearl.” I don’t know why my darkest stories have the prettiest titles you know, like “Beauty.” Speaking of which, I want to finish that one right after “Pearl.” What a work ethic I have these days!

Other than writing, I spent much of yesterday huffing about how trifling J-Ho is for marrying Mark Anthony less than a week after his divorce is final. I mean, I could see it coming from a mile away, but still I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. Surely she couldn’t be that low down, but alas, she is! I mean, is marriage her fix for a broken heart? “You don’t have to marry me, Ben; I know somebody who will!” And hell, who is dumb enough to marry her anymore? Well, I guess the guy who will leave his wife and two small children. They deserve each other. Kindly stepping off my sopabox now.


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