Yeah, I know I’m chatty today, but it was a long weekend with lots of goings on and no home internet access. Anyway, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier. I got a “frantic” phone call from an old friend on Friday. She left a message with hubby who in turn passed it on to me. I thought something might be terribly wrong with another friend so I called her cell phone a couple of times and left her a message. Well, she called back while I was out to lunch and was screaming something like, “I read Pat and Fran!” I said, “You read who, now?” and she said, “You know, Pat and Fran, your story.” Then it clicked that she was talking about “Midnight Letter to Fran.” Apparantly she liked it lots and was wondering why I won’t put something full length out there. Of course it just sparked my “why in the hell am I sitting around doing nothing with my writing” mode, but it also made me feel really, really good. So, thanks for that, T.


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