First, big news:

I’ve decided to go back to work full-time. I had been pondering/threatening it for a while now, but after my crying fit a few weeks ago I think this really is the best thing. The things that factor in: money, time with family (husband included), and my SANITY. I just need to step out of toddler land and just be with me – even if it is with an office full of people. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. If anyone out there is reading, cross your fingers for me.

Oh, and we’re moving. I’ve been nagging hubby since day 1 to get us out of that neighborhood and now we’re moving to the other side of town. Slightly smaller house, but cheaper rent and I LOVE the area.

On writing, I feel like I’m bipolar. Last week this time I was in total bliss with my writing, and right now it’s all just given me a big, fat headache. It’s mostly because I feel like I’m just running in place where my writing career is concerned. Sure I’m making some moves, some good moves granted, but still, I’m not where I hoped I’d be at this point. Then of course that’s what I get for setting such unrealistic goals, but I digress.

Been going over some guidelines and thinking about things I want to submit. And hell, last week was a kick ass week in writing, so I guess I can shit around for a few days. At least ’til I get these headaches under control.

See ya.


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